Helping Massage Therapists Grow Successful Practices for Over 20 Years!

For over 20 years Eric Brown, aka the Grand Massage Poobah, has been helping massage therapists, bodyworkers, health care professionals and holistic practitioners develop successful practices with business building information that is effectve, practical, simple to understand and easy to implement. In 2015 he closed BodyworkBiz to pursue other projects. To make his knowledge available to massage professionals he has been turning his high-end courses into low cost books that are now available on Amazon. Take a look to see what's currently available. New books will be released over time, so sign up to the newsletter for notifications. 

Update: Eric is back! He is now publishing digital massage textbooks for massage schools and unique online massage CE courses for professionals.

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60 Clients in 60 Days

How long does it take to build a successful massage practice? One year? Three years? Forget the myth that it takes a long time to build a practice and follow this proven step-by-step strategy to get 60 Clients in 60 Days. If you find yourself struggling in your massage business, with little money to invest, and with more time on your hands than clients under your hands, then you must get this book. Complete the simple weekly tasks for this eight week program and feel your confidence grow as your massage business transforms from surviving practice to a thriving practice. It's a perfect practice-building solution for massage therapists and bodywork practitioners who hate marketing, don't have money to spend and maybe even lack confidence in their skills.

On Amazon, it's got an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5. Hey! That's almost a point higher than most iPhones! Check out the reviews. 

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Fill Your Massage Practice 101

Wouldn't it be great to have a step-by-step, easy to understand guide that would take your through proven strategies for filling your practice? That's exacly what you'll find in this book: Proven strategies and advice that will put you in the driver's seat of your career. And unlike your traditional massage business textbooks, it's written in fun, easy to read way that will keep you engaged from start to finish. It doesn't matter whether you are working full time or part time. This book is for any massage therapist or bodywork professional who is interested in having a more successful practice, not just to make money, but so they can touch the lives of more people in their community. 

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Chair Massage Techniques

Learn effective stress-free chair massage techniques! Chair massage can be a profitable addition to your practice. Unfortunately, most massage techniques you learn in massage school don’t work well with a massage chair. As a result, we end up either doing light ineffective massage or stressing our hands and hurting our bodies. In this chair massage techniques book, the most comprehensive resource you’ll find anywhere, you’ll discover that chair massage does not need to be hard on your body. You’ll find out how to use your body in an efficient way, maximizing leverage and your body weight, while minimizing stress to your back and your thumbs. 

Chair Massage Marketing 101

You can have a successful chair massage business! You can make some great money doing chair massage, but developing your business can be extremely difficult if you don't have this essential knowledge about creating, marketing, and operating a chair massage practice. This book encapsulates the success secrets of North America's most successful chair massage professionals and will ensure that you develop a thriving business. In this comprehesive guide, you'll learn pretty much everything there is to know about chair massage, from choosing a chair and finding training, to getting into the boardrooms and moving clients into your clinic. 

Sell Massage Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are an awesome marketing tool. Can you think of any other kind of marketing where people pay you for the privilege of sending new clients into your office!? Me neither. So maybe it's time to discover how you can dramatically expand your gift certificate sales - selling hundreds of massage gift certificates every year. 

TinyLetter Guide

Set up, design and send your first email newsletter in under an hour... for free! In a world where social media posts drop into obscurity the moments after they are posted, email is still the best way to connect directly to your audience. TinyLetter is a free email service makes it super simple for anyone (even you) to produce your own email newsletter to promote your business, strengthen your relationship with your customers, drive traffic to your website or store, and increase your sales. In this book you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process. With a little help, you’ll set up your account, publish a sign-up form, design your newsletter and send your first one – all within an hour! 

260 Extremely Practical Ways to Build Your Massage Practice

Eric Brown has compiled the best marketing ideas from over 3,000 massage professionals in a comprehenisve resource called 260 Extremely Practical Ways to Fill Your Massage Practice. It's an encyclopedia-type reference with lots of great ideas to help you build your practice - 260 fabulous tips (actually 262).  

What leaders in the profession have to say...

"Five Star review for this compilation from one of the leaders in the massage and bodywork business. Eric Brown has spent decades guiding companies like mine through the in's and outs of the complexities of marketing. His books are applicable to all types of business ventures where the goal is increased referrals and enhanced business delivery. Follow everything this guy says. He's sure helped me!"

Erik Dalton | Freedom from Pain Institute and Developer of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

“It’s wonderful to see Eric Brown's new book take David "the Father of Chair Massage" Palmer's original concepts to an even higher level. If your goal is to design a brilliant business using chair massage, Eric’s information and solid advice covers every aspect you need: From getting started to marketing and sales with everything in-between. No critical business stone is left unturned.” 

Irene Diamond | Dream Practice Mastery Academy

“Eric Brown has helped put Chair Massage on the map and is a wealth of knowledge in the massage profession. I use his information and I’ve been in the massage profession 20+ years! With his new book, there is no excuse for not being successful with chair massage.”

Ryan Hoyme | aka The Massage Nerd, 

“Wow! Eric has amassed a lifetime into one volume. A masterpiece. This is a day-to-day guide that spells out exactly what to do to go from start to busy and successful and should be required reading for all therapists.” 

Dr. Dennis Buckley | Author The Hole In Your Practice